Thursday, December 20, 2007

My South Bombay

while i typed out the title of this post i wondered if i was projecting a front of being this "divide" person....a person who pronounces the suburb versus town difference!
But i dismissed the thought and went ahead anyway....
Being born and having spent my whole life in south bombay,its a place which is home for me!
From colaba causeway to worli seaface and everything in the middle of the two....fall in super cool south bbay!
Heres a list of my favourite things to do in town!.....after all the townie that i am.....time to excercise my right....
1. Walk and shop along causeway starting at regal,ending at theobroma!My idea of a workout..
2. Grab beer at Cafe Mondegar or Cafe Leopold or Tavern or Ghetto
3. Play games at the kids zone at atria mall....collect tickets and go home with gifts!
4. Eat grilled sandwiches and chic choc icecream at right place,breach candy
5. How can i make a list of favourite hangouts and forget the good old roll places,where we have hung out for hours at a stretch...Bade Miyan and Ayubs....Bombays not Bombay without you.
6. Chinese cuisine....five spice...period.
7. My personal favourite,watching the sunset at the cuffe parade promenade....sitting on the flight of steps,which meet the sea...brilliant....aurora borealis(Northern lights).The coloured sky is out of this world.
8. Walk along marine drive and worli seaface....ipod and me.perfect.
9. Drive down hanging gardens for that breathtaking view of the city.Can hardly see it because of the greenery...but the little we see...its worth it.A million lights.incredible.
10. The Kala Ghoda art festival.Cannot be missed.
11. Clubbing at place i can never get over.So sad its shut.Wish it comes back.
12. Salt water grill...needs a special mention after all its Bombays fancy answer to a shack in Goa!
13. Wine tasting at ivy-extremely close to my heart.
14. St.Thomas's Cathedral...for its divinity,peace and positive vibes.
15. Kobes sizzlers the 1st orignal and most authentic sizzler place in Bombay
Okay i just realised that list list can go on...
coffee,dessert,food and hukkah at mocha,bhurji pav at the station,the lovely vada pav,jehangir art gallerys one show called enduring images,class of 84 at the NCPA,inox for the bestest popcorn,tea centre for its piano,bachelors for choc shake,modern juice centre for its shwarmas,the MTDC bus ride,the Prince of Wales museum and............
So im going to stop here.
After all what is life without food and peace within!
Let this be a concise guide to South Bombay..
happy exploring